Jamie Heath

- 'PT Studio One' Director -
Jay (or Jamie as his mum calls him!) has been a fully qualified Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer for around 8yrs. During this time he has established himself as one of the most sought after PT's in & around Essex & London due to his high standard of professionalism, engaging personality, & most of all his results!
Jay has a proven track record, with clients of all ages, who have an array of health & fitness targets, from nurses, to celebrities, or professional athletes.
After 8yrs in the industry, & building up a huge following, he decided to team up with 2 of his longest serving clients/friends, to create where we are today "PT Studio One" :)

Jamie Heath instructs the following:
  • Shred
  • Full body 45min test of body weight fitness exercises. Usually with 3 exercises back to back, upper body, lower body, & core. 30secs of each exercise, & 3 full rotations of each mini-circuit. Be creative with the exercises, keep the music loud, make them sweat!!! A bit like ‘Insanity’, must be high energy.
    “Take your fitness to new levels with our ultimate sweat session! This full bodyweight class for all abilities (using no equipment) is all about pushing yourself to the limits & busting those lungs!”

  • Assault
  • Design:
    Based on an assault course, this circuit is continuous! Each time u complete the course the numbers of reps increase; 10, 15, 20, then descend back down again. Usually 10 stations, but can be altered depending on how many people are booked in.

    “Want to test your fitness & conditioning levels? Let’s see how many times you can complete our ‘Assault’ course!!”

  • Pump
  • Design:
    A full-body weights class. 1min per station, focus on slow reps & good form. Making sure people are lifting some solid weight!

    “A full-body weights blast to really get those muscles PUMPED!!”