Bonita Wright

My name is Bonita Wright, I’m a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing. I’ve been training Kickboxing for 12+ years and training MMA for 4 years.

Aged just 16 I achieved my instructors qualification allowing me to teach classes on my own! I have loved teaching all of my students (men, women, adults & children) ever since!

I am currently in the process of completing my 5th Degree Black Belt which can take up to 5 years to achieve. Lastly, 2017 was the year I took part in my first inter club fight, it was an incredible day and I look forward to part-taking again in the future!

As of 2018, my main focus is successfully starting my own Kickboxing School filling it with incredible Women and Children aged 7+.

Martial Arts is a never ending journey, mines only just getting started!

Bonita Wright instructs the following:
  • HIIT
    This class is designed to work your full body like never before! Usually 6-7 exercises, 1 minute each with a 1 minute rest. This one will definitely leave you sweating!

    Bio: If you are looking to de-stress after work this is the perfect class for you! Leaving you sweating your worries away