Tony Mentesh

REP Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, Herbalife Wellness Coach, & Bootcamp Instructor.
Each session or program will be specifically designed to keep in line with your goals, and monitored accordingly. I aim to get you your results fast and efficiently, as I will be on hand to keep you motivated, even outside of sessions, making sure that you stay on track.
Book your FREE consultation with me today, where we can discuss your goal and timeframe in which you would like to achieve them.
Specialities include:
Weight Loss
Muscle Toning
Strength & Endurance
Speed & Power
Sports Specific Training

Tony Mentesh instructs the following:
  • Circuit+
    Advanced class, including pull-ups, dips, deadlifts, etc...this class is designed to be tough enough to attract our more advanced members. Basically a full circuit of big lifts, high jumps, & high intensity exercises! 1min on each station, 30secs rest.

    “One for the more advanced individuals, incorporating big lifts, high volume, & high intensity! This class is designed to really push you to the next level!!”

  • Bodyzone
  • Design:
    A 4 zone circuit with 4 exercises at each zone; upper body, lower body, abs & core, fitness. 45secs each exercise, 15sec rest. Complete each zone before moving on.

    “A full body circuit with specific training zones designed to focus on strength, muscle toning, & conditioning”

  • Shred
  • Full body 45min test of body weight fitness exercises. Usually with 3 exercises back to back, upper body, lower body, & core. 30secs of each exercise, & 3 full rotations of each mini-circuit. Be creative with the exercises, keep the music loud, make them sweat!!! A bit like ‘Insanity’, must be high energy.
    “Take your fitness to new levels with our ultimate sweat session! This full bodyweight class for all abilities (using no equipment) is all about pushing yourself to the limits & busting those lungs!”